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Thoughts, observations, reflections on the natural attraction, enjoyment, spiritual resonance we encounter in our human experience.

Lightworker's Handbook

A Lightworker is a person who enjoys helping others; enjoys seeing people smile; enjoys seeing the light of realization on people's faces. Life is a pleasure. Being around others who enjoy life is a pleasure. The goal is to pave a way for another to experience happiness and excitement.

Your Daily Lucky Numbers

Lucky numbers are everywhere. Some of them are are yours! Often people see luck as chance happenings. But it isn't. Not when you know in advance what the luck might be.

Free Numerology Readings

Your Free Numerology Reading presents two aspects:

  1. The first aspect, gleaned from your name, reads you as a person — your heart's desire, your personality, and other personal characteristics.
  3. The second aspect, gleaned from your birth date, reads the path you are traveling in this life — the general situations along with assistance and hindrance you did or will encounter.

Although the individual entries may be different from each other, even seemingly opposite, they all work together to influence the whole person.

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